"Who Says We're In Love?"

author unknown (gossip column)

Screen Annual, 1959


Secret dates and long distance phone calls.  Does this spell romance or just another friendship?


When Millie Perkins had to leave the U.S. last spring and go off to Europe to publicize Diary of Anne Frank, she left a flurry of rumors in her wake.  These rumors added up to LOVE.  It was common knowledge that Millie was madly in love with Dean Stockwell.  The feeling, it was said, was mutual.  Everyone confirmed the rumor except Dean and Millie.  After Dean won the award for the Year's Best Actor for Compulsion at Cannes, a European reporter asked Millie to please confirm the romance.  Millie's only reply was, "Who says we're in love?"  She then sneaked off shyly to make a trans-Atlantic phone call.  Who was she calling?  That's between her, the operator and the person on the other end of the line.


Both sensitive people, Millie and Dean dislike the spotlight and are afraid of crowds.  But being comfortable together doesn't add up to love and marriage.  They are both talented and ambitious and perhaps their careers will keep them from making any major decisions in the near future.  They have time to decide.


The End