"Who Spilt the Champagne Down Faye Dunaway's Bra at the Cannes Film Festival?  Plus Other Sizzling Goings-On!"

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Screen Stories, October 1976


Never had so many big stars lent their talents to as sumptuous an event as they did to this year's twenty-ninth Cannes Film Festival.

In a massive two-week splurge, millions of yards of film were unspooled as movies competed for the cherished grand prize.  Thousands of champagne bottles popped as cocktail followed cocktail, and dusk to dawn dinner and swimming parties were the rule of the night.

Romances blossomed, deals were wheeled, careers made, and reputations ignored all against the echo of fun and laughter.  I doubt if anyone really tried to take themselves too seriously, which is why a good time was had by one and all.

. . . Cannes this year, was a place for dynamic duos and unusual couples.

. . . There were also the loners at Cannes.

Easy Rider Dennis Hopper, accompanied by Dean Stockwell and his girlfriend, Toni Basil, came without female company.

"Since my divorce from Daria Halperin, I haven't found that special person," Dennis confessed to me, adding:  "Who knows, I may meet her here."  Dennis and Dean presented their newest picture, Henry Jaglom's Tracks in the Critic's Section.

. . . You couldn't be alone in Cannes if you tried, especially if you were a star.  And who would want to be, with all those terrific parties?