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Review of 2005

What happened?


Review OF 2005:

March 8: Dean Stockwell appears on the DVD release of "Columbo -- The
Complete 2nd Season."

April 10, 2005: The Greencine website features a recent interview with Dean.

April 15, 2005:
"Visions of Guadalupe"
Sixteen local artists, as well as special guest artist, Robert Dean Stockwell, are featured in an exhibit entitled "Visions of Guadalupe" at Two Graces Gallery in the Rancho Plaza April 15. Work by Pablo Flores, Lydia Garcia, Carrie Lynn Korzak, Mary Walton, Leah Benau, and Star St. Clair is on display, along with that of invited guest artists Margie Romero and Conrad Fernandez (on loan fromthe St. Francis Gift Shop), Maria Martinez, Katie Woodall, Mercy Mitchell, Alex Chavez, and Michael Vargas. "Nay," a Las Cruces santera, has created walking sticks and carvings for the show. From Taos Daily News, March 15

April 26, 2005: Phenomenon: Lost Archives, hosted by Dean was released on a 6 DVD set.

April 30, 2005: Dean Stockwell was a guest at Collectormania in Buckinghamshire, England. Our Sassie member Emma posted some pics taken by her sister at the event. Check them out at www.tijean.freeserve.co.uk/deanstockwell.htm

May 3, 2005: Star Trek Enterprise - Season One was released on DVD

May 10, 2005: Quantum Leap - Season 3 was released on DVD

May 10, 2005: the extended version of Dune was released on DVD region 1.

2005: Paper Man (1971) & Born to Be Sold (1981) were released on DVD as a Dean Stockwell Double Feature by Movie Classics.


May 31, 2005: The TV film "American Black Beauty", starring Dean Stockwell, was released on DVD. Check out some pics from Howard Wexler's website.

Summer 2005: Dean's collages "Mussolini at Harvest Time"and "Shot of Life" were featured in the Summer 2005 issue of the Indiana Review, a non-profit literary magazine dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging and established writers and visual artists.

Aug 30 - Oct 1, 2005:
The Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica displayed a new collage by Dean entitled Wet Dream #1. http://www.artnet.com/event/78470/robert-dean-stockwell-collages--joe-goode-burn-out--edmund-teske-duotone-solarizations.html

September 5, 2005: Dean Stockwell presented the Dragon*Con
Festival's Independent Short Film Award on Monday, Sept. 5 at l:00
p.m. in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information about Dragon*Con, go to http://www.dragoncon.org. See Dean's press release at http://www.scenic-city.com/media/pr_dean.htm .

Sept. 17 - Nov. 19, 2005: Dean Stockwell's 16 mm filmwork was part of the SEMINA CULTURE; WALLACE BERMAN & HIS CIRCLE exhibit at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in California. It then went to the Nora Eccles
Harrison Museum of Art, Logan, Utah (Utah State University), The Ulrich
Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas (Wichita State University), The Berkeley
Art Museum, Berkeley, California (from October 17 through Dec. 10,
2006), and the Grey Art Gallery, Greenwich Village, New York.

November 5 & 6, 2005: Dean Stockwell was a guest at The Glasgow Memorabilia Show in Glasgow, Scotland. http://www.memorabilia.co.uk

December 27, 2005: "Nowhere Man" was released on DVD in the United States.





This information has been brought to you from the members of the sassies @ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theSassies. Dean Stockwell is not affiliated with this website in any way.  This website is maintained by fans of Dean Stockwell, and no copyright infringement is intended.