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The Dean Stockwell Quiz

Test your fandom knowledge....


Do you think you did well? How many did you get right?
Check your answers here:


1) What was Dean's favorite sport to play as a young adult?


2) What is Dean's favorite sport to play now?


3) Who was Dean's best friend in childhood?  

His brother Guy.  

4) Who is Dean's best friend in adulthood?  

Dennis Hopper.  

5) What high school did Dean graduate from?  

Alexander Hamilton High School, Los Angeles. He attended this school during his senior year.  

6) What college did Dean attend?  

He briefly attended the University of California at Berkeley. He majored in English.  

7) How many Broadway plays has Dean appeared in? Name them.  

Two. The Innocent Voyage in 1943. Compulsion in 1957.  

8) Where was Dean's father born? 

Kansas City, Missouri  

9) Where was Dennis Hopper born? 
Dodge City, Kansas. As a child, he later moved with his parents to Kansas City.  

10) What music did Dean listen to in the 1950's? 

Jazz and Classical.  

11) What music did Dean listen to in the 1970's? 

Specific mention has been made in interviews to Neil Young, David Bowie, and Devo.  Also, Jazz and Classical.  

12) How tall is Dean?  

5' 6 1/2" tall. Those old 1950's movie mags would say he was 5'10". They say a lot of things (Even Dean forgets, sometimes).   

13) Where did Dean meet his first wife, Millie Perkins?  

At a small dinner party.  

14) Where did Dean meet his second wife, Joy Marchenko?  

At the Cannes Film Festival, 1976.  

15) Dean attended acting classes in Hollywood in the late 1950's. Name two of his teachers. 

Jeff Corey, and Robert Blake. Blake is in the news a lot lately, isn't
he? A former child actor, Blake was dating Sandra Knight before she
found Jack Nicholson.  And Nicholson was attending classes with Dean at Jeff Corey's place.  Corey was a former actor who was Blacklisted for being a Communist sympathizer.  

16) Millie Perkin's roommate was Sandra Knight. Millie married Dean. Who did Sandra marry? 

She became Jack Nicholson's first, and only, wife.  

17) Millie Perkins was the Maid of Honor at Sandra Knight's wedding.  Who was the Best Man?  

Jack Nicholson's best friend, Harry Dean Stanton.  

18) When Dean left Hollywood as a teenager, he changed his name several times. Name one of those aliases. 

I found mention of Rudy Stocker, and Robert Stockwell.  He used the name George Stockwell in college.   

19) Besides acting, what were Dean's other occupations? 

Mail boy, railroad worker, baker's helper, sales clerk, fruit inspector, fruit picker, real estate agent.  

20) And what, pray tell, is Arnis? 

A form of martial arts from the Philippines. Stick fighting. Dean had a
black belt in it, and was teaching his neighbors the art of stickfighting in his backyard in Topanga Canyon in 1974. He learned the sport while in the Philippines making a movie. His instructor, Remy Presas, later came out to California to teach, and stayed at Dean's house.  

21) Name at least 5 places where Dean has lived.  

This is probably only the tip of the iceberg, but these are the specific places mentioned in interviews: Hollywood, Boston, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Culver City (Los Angeles), New Orleans, Texas, Buffalo, Haight-Ashbury (San Francisco), Topanga Canyon, London, Taos, Santa Fe, Santa Barbara, Brentwood, and Carmel.  

22) Dean appeared in one movie with his father. What was it?

The Werewolf of Washington - 1973

23) Dean appeared in one television show with Millie Perkins. What was it? 
Wagon Train "The Will Santee Story" - 1961  

24) Dean appeared in one television show with Joy Marchenko. What was it?

Quantum Leap "What Price Gloria" - 1989  

25) Dean first worked with Dennis Hopper on a television show. What was it? 

"The Greatest Show on Earth" - 1963.  

26) What year did Dean meet Dennis Hopper? 

1957, while Dean was appearing on Broadway in the play 'Compulsion' 

27) Name the three movies Dean appeared in with Toni Basil. 

The Last Movie, Citizen Soldier, and Backtrack.  Dean also did a documentary about the making of Bruce Conner's film "Breakway," which had showcased Toni.  

28) In 1982, Dean was married to Joy. What did Toni Basil do in1982?  

She sang a little song about Mickey ("Oh Mickey, You're so fine, You're so fine You blow my mind, Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!").  

29) What song does Dean lip-synch in Blue Velvet? 

Roy Orbison's song "In Dreams."  

30) Why is David Lynch important to Dean's career? Name the movie. 

He hired Dean at a time when Dean's career was at an all-time low. For the movie Dune. After another actor dropped out of the picture.  

31) Where did Dean first meet David Lynch?  

According to David Lynch, he had met Dean when he showed his short film "The Grandmother" at Dean's house in Topanga Canyon in the 70's.  According to Dean, he has no memory of the film, David Lynch, Topanga Canyon, or the 70's.....    

32) Why is Harry Dean Stanton important to Dean's career? Name the movie.

He recommended Dean for the part in Paris, Texas.  

33) What are Dean's favorite shoes?  

White leather tennis shoes.  

34) What does Dean like to wear around the house?  


35) What type of jewelry does Dean wear? 

New Mexican, aka Native American jewelry.  Referring to the jewelry made by the Navajo tribe.  

36) What brand of beer does Dean drink?  


37) On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Dean's star is located between two famous women. Name them.  

Liza Minnelli, and Donna Summer.  

38) Where is Dennis Hopper's Hollywood Star located? 

He STILL doesn't have one.  

39) According to Dean, why couldn't Joy attend his Star Ceremony?  

The kids had a bit of a cold, and she couldn't find a babysitter.  

40) Name the two screenplays that Dean co-wrote, that were never produced.

After the Gold Rush, and The Tree From Outer Space.   

41) Dean is given credit as co-writer for a movie that WAS made. Name it.

Human Highway.  

42) Dean played a part in the making of two rock album covers. Name the two albums.  

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Beatles), and American Stars 'N Bars (Neil Young).  

43) Why couldn't Dennis Hopper attend the premiere of Human Highway? 

According to Dennis - he was in the Insane Asylum.   

44) According to Dean, who is the person that taught him about sex and manhood? 

Errol Flynn. Mr. Flynn even gave him a medal.  

45) According to Dickie Moore's book, Dean avoided the Korean War, because "I didn't want to join the army because I didn't believe in the war."  I think Dickie Moore is wrong. Why? What war might Dean have been talking about? 

Dean was too young for the Korean War.  He probably received his draft notice in the late 1950's, during the so-called Cold War.  Just like his contemporaries Dennis Hopper, Russ Tamblyn, and George Herms.    

46) Name the two directors that Dean has worked with more than any others. 

Dennis Hopper: The Last Movie, Backtrack, Chasers. Francis Ford
Coppola: Gardens of Stone, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, and the

47) What childhood movie did Dean appear in with Russ Tamblyn?  

The Boy With Green Hair.  

48) How many movies have Dean and Dennis Hopper appeared in together?

Seven: The Last Movie, Tracks, Human Highway, Blue Velvet, Backtrack, Chasers, and The Venice Project.  

49) Hunter Carson costarred with Dean in Paris, Texas. Who are Hunter's parents in real life?  

The actress Karen Black, and the screenwriter Kit Carson.  

50) What was Dean's immortal line in the stage play "Innocent Voyage?"  

"I won't be damned!"
It was his only line. And he often forgot it. But then again.....he was only 7 years old. 
Score Ratings
If you scored:
Perfect Score =
Oh come on, even Dean Stockwell doesn't know this stuff!            

40 to 49 =  Admit it, you cheated. 

30 to 39 =   Okay, good enough, you're a Fan, now quit bragging, it's embarrassing! 

20 to 29 =  Need to go back to Stockwell Academy. 

1 to 19 =  You thought this was going to be a Quantum Leap quiz, didn't you? 

Zero =  Congratulations, that's the same score Dean Stockwell got! 


This information has been brought to you from the members of the sassies @ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theSassies. Dean Stockwell is not affiliated with this website in any way.  This website is maintained by fans of Dean Stockwell, and no copyright infringement is intended.