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What the papers say...

Most articles are transcribed from magazines, books and videotapes collected by members of The Sassies. This is a Work in Progress. 


Contents: (in chronological order)

Family Movie Guide, Catherine C Edwards, Editor 1949

Colliers Movies, by Warren Phillips 1949 

Young Rebel, by Weldon Melick December 1949

It's a Boy's World, by Betty Stockwell as told to Jane Morris December 1950

The Strange Private Life of Dean Stockwell, by Bob Monroe September 1957

Should a Girl in Love Say No October 1957

The Boy Who Beat the Jinx, by Jane Wilkie November 1957

Reviews of Compulsion, Stage & Screen November 4 1957

A Handful of Quarters, by Dean Stockwell, as told to Ina Steinhauser December 1957

I Was Never a Teenager, by Dean Stockwell, as told to Aljean Meltsir  February1958

Exposed, by George Christy June 1958 

Can Dean Stockwell Shake Off the Jimmy Dean Jinx, by Jim Hoffman November 1958

Who Says We're In Love (gossip column) 1959

Millie's Secret, by Della Thomas June 1959

Dean Stockwell's Lost Years, by Carter Francis November 1959

Millie Perkins engaged to Dean Stockwell: SHE NO LONGER HAS TO PRETEND, by Jane Ardmore December 1959


NOSTALGIA: Whatever happened to baby___? by Carla Logan December 1969

Hollywood Blvd For Dean Stockwell, by Charles Plymell 1960's

The Albuquerque Journal, author unknown March 1974

Arnis Has Become Dean Stockwell's Destiny (And what, pray tell, is Arnis), by Steve Rubenstein December 1974

Who Spilt the Champagne Down Faye Dunaway's Bra at the Cannes Film Festival  Plus Other Sizzling Goings-On!, no author  October 1976

Excerpts from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, by Dick Moore 1984 

Dean Stockwell  An Interview, by Michael Buckley January 1985

He's Back In the Business Again, by Deborah Caulfield January 1985

The Traitor of Dune, by Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier   January 1985

Stockwell is Hot Property Again, by Roderick Mann November 30 1986

Not-So-Elusive, by John M_ Wilson April 12 1987

Dean Stockwell, the Comeback Champ, by Leah Rozen & Todd Gold June 15 1987

At the Movies, by Lawrence Van Gelder July 10, 1987 

Excerpts from Dennis Hopper: A Madness to his Method, by Elena Rodriguez 1988

Happy At Last in Hollywood, by Myra Forsberg 1988

The Greening of Dean Stockwell, or Married to the Job, by Michael Dare 1988

Don Dean, by Pat McGilligan July/August 1988

Dean Stockwell  The Master of Quirky Cool and Alien Humor, by Phoebe Hoban August 1988

The Dean of Hollywood, by Greg Goldin October 1988

Dean Stockwell, Celluloid Survivor, by David Keeps November/December 1988

A&E's An Evening at the Improv 1989

Roddy McDowell's Double Exposure photo book Letter Tributes 1989

Carolina Today March 1989

A Mob Hit, by Pope Brock May 4 1989

Elements of Style - Why I Wear What I Wear, by Trish Deitch Rohrer September 1989

The Third Coming of Dean Stockwell, By Erik Knutzen September 1989

Into the Night, by Betty Goodwin October 25 1989

Larry King Live Febuary 1990

Showbiz Today March 1990

Dean Stockwell, by Julian Schnabel - March 1990

CBS This Morning, March 7 1990

Later, With Bob Costas April 11 1990

CBS This Morning, April 20 1990

The Marsha Warfield Show May 23 1990

Dean Stockwell's Great Leap Forward, by Illeane Rudolph June 9 - 15 1990 

Leave it to Dean Stockwell to Play a Hologram, by Daniel Cerone July 1990 

Quantum Leap Program, UCLA 1990/1991

Hollywood Hologram, by Marc Shapiro January 1991

Into the Night, with Rick Dees  March 7 1991

Dean Stockwell Speaks, Q & A , II CON X
Stonybrook, NY, April 20, 1991, transcribed by Nancy Rapaglia
 April 20, 1991

Quantum leap keeps Dean Stockwell, by Lynn Hoogenboom June 22 – June 28, 1991

One on One, with John Tesh  December 3, 1991

The First Convention March 1992

The Dennis Miller Show April 22 1992

Dean Stockwell's Star Ceremony Speeches March 1992

Dean's Aussie Saga, by Michelle Lollo May 9th 1994

Excerpts from The Quantum Leap Book, by Louis Chunovic 1993

Russ Tamblyn; A Conversation, April 1994

•  The Hologram Interviews  Quantum Leap's Al, by Edward Murphy November 1994

Dean Stockwell  Interview, by Craig Edwards 1995

From Child Actor to Mafia to Time-Traveling Hologram, Dean Stockwell is a Hollywood Comeback Champ, by Connie Nelson December 1995

Dean Stockwell May 1996 

Dean Stockwell, The Eternal Teenager,  May1996

On the Road, by Harry Roche October 1996

Pretty as a Picture  The Art of David Lynch - Dean's interviews 1997

TCM Spotlight of the Month  Makeup Artist William Tuttle 2002

Excerpts from Shakey, Neil Young's biography, by Jimmy McDonough 2002

The Tree From Outer Space, by Neil Young and Dean Stockwell, from Shakey, by Jimmy McDonough 2002

Stars and their Cars November 2002

Gringo Lessons, by Bill Whaley June 15, 2003

Dean Stockwell at the Fifth Stage, by Jeffrey M. Anderson from Las
Vegas Weekly June 10, 2004

Enter at Your Own Risk from The Taos Horse Fly October 15, 2004

Dean Stockwell: "Everything Is Falling Into Place", by Jonathan Marlow April 10, 2005 - 11:58 PM PDT

Robert Dean Stockwell October 2005

From the book "Semina Culture, Wallace Berman and His Circle" 2005

Robert Dean Stockwell: Surrealist Collage Works Based in the Art Culture and Iinfluences of 1950s Los Angeles May 2006

Robert Dean Stockwell, by Matthew Bourbon, September 2006 from the magazine "ARTnews" September 2006

10 Minutes With Dean Stockwell by Natalie Barnes, from Battlestar Galactica: The Official Magazine #7, Oct. 2006

Solar Buzz by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp from Artnet.com 2006

Roll of the Dice by Rick Romancito, from Tempo Magazine, The Taos News, October 4-10, 2007

Robert Dean Stockwell: Craps and Cutouts by Bill Whaley from The Taos Daily Horse Fly, Sept. 18, 2007

Friends of Dean Articles and Transcripts:

Neil Young: The Last American Hero, by Cameron Crowe, Rolling Stone #284 February 8, 1979

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Dick Moore, part 2 1984

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Dick Moore, conclusion 1984

Dennis and the Comet (taken from Dennis Hopper's A Madness to his Method, by Elena Rodriguez) 1988

Bruce Conner in the Cultural Breach, by Kristine McKenna June 10, 1990

Wally Berman, Semina Figure Arts, by William Wilson June 5 1992

Don't Lick Your Balls On Golf and Golf Clubs, by Jean Stein December 1994

Dennis Hopper (A Keen Eye), Artist, Photographer, Filmmaker, by Rudi Fuchs and Jan Hein Sassen 2001

Topanga Canyon Days, in Shakey  Neil Young's Biography, Jimmy McDonough  2002




This information has been brought to you from the members of the sassies @ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theSassies. Dean Stockwell is not affiliated with this website in any way.  This website is maintained by fans of Dean Stockwell, and no copyright infringement is intended.